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The Road Safety Reporting Competition and Awards aims to help journalists produce stories that shine on a light on road crash deaths and injuries in some of the hardest-hit countries.

Eligibility Requirements.

  • Attend the webinar session.
  • Have published in media outlets in Brazil, Botswana, India, Mexico, Nepal or Nigeria.
  • Have published at least two stories related to road safety topics.
  • Submit an essay outlining your interest in the program and what you hope to gain from it. The essay has   to be submitted in English.
  • Submit a resume/curriculum vitae.
  • Submit a reference letter from a journalism peer confirming their support of your story topic.

The Road Safety Reporting Competition and Awards are implemented through ICFJ, supported by the WHO and the FIA Foundation Richard Stanley Memorial Grant to raise awareness and spur dialogue around critical, yet underreported, road safety issues. 

Please fill out all required steps. You must be an American journalist, media or communications professional, content creator, or work in the media field to apply. Applicants from all experience levels and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

The study tour will begin in the fall of 2024, exact dates will be released soon.

Please complete this form by Wednesday, June 30. If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Dibbert (tdibbert@icfj.org) or Cory Sagerstrom (csagerstrom@icfj.org).

Please complete this form by Friday, April 30. If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Dibbert (tdibbert@icfj.org) or Cory Sagerstrom (csagerstrom@icfj.org).

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